New Recyling company coming to OC


Ridwell coming to Oregon City!

Landfilling is Not Sustainable: New company will pick up things we can’t recycle elsewhere.

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We are so excited that Ridwell chose Oregon City for their next expansion town. Ridwell is a service that picks up stuff at your front door and ensures it gets sustainably reused or recycled so that it stays out of the landfill. Over 300 families in here have expressed interest in using Ridwell to do this. Learn more about their history and goals on their website here.

They currently serve 8,000 families in Portland and Beaverton, and they have already made a truly inspiring impact:

  • 46,000 lbs. of Plastic film
  • 6,000 lbs. of Lightbulbs
  • 20,000 lbs. of Batteries
  • 65,000 lbs. of Threads
  • 4,000 lbs. of Styrofoam

Ridwell is now picking up plastic clamshells! As of 5/24/21, clear, plastic clamshells are now available as part of Ridwell pick-up for recycling!

Clamshells were not recyclable anywhere in Oregon and were the #1 request from Ridwell members. You can learn more about how it works in this KGW news story that aired last week. The Oregonian also covered the news and spoke to representatives from the City of Portland about how they were able to find space for Ridwell to operate alongside other recycling services.

Like plastic film, batteries, light bulbs, threads, and all of their featured categories, any new additions to their service will be a complement to any curbside services already being provided.

What’s next?

In addition to adding new categories, their team is working hard to get approval to expand to our area. They will begin providing service as soon as they can get the green light from our city officials. 



Collect hard-to-recycle items in your Ridwell bags: They give you bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads. These are your core categories! These are things we dispose of everyday without a good recycling or reuse solution.  But Ridwell can help us with that!

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