Looking at life through Orange colored glasses: Orange Theory Fitness.

Looking at life through Orange colored glasses

The path to health just got way more fun.

Orange Theory Fitness  |  Oregon City

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Website: www.OrangeTheoryFitness.com
Business Phone: 503-468-7243
Address: 395 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
Email: studiomanager0553@orangetheoryfitness.com


Orange Theory Fitness is a fitness plan for the long haul.  It's something that you can actually STICK TO.

Let’s just say I was NOT geared toward sports as a youngster. Overly cautious and without athletic parents, I wasn’t exposed to the options of exercise that existed in the 1970’s when Jane Fonda was queen and Funky Town was a hit. Furthermore, my mother was a good cook straight from the midwest which meant I struggled with weight a bit through high school. To make a long story shorter, it wasn’t until my 30’s that I learned to love running and signed myself up for a bucket list of events; a marathon, a half marathon, hood to coast, the shamrock run and more just to give myself reasons to keep doing it. Since my knees were showing wear as I entered my 40’s, running was no longer an option and weight slowly crept back onto my body. I tried gym memberships, trainers, boxing, home video type things like P90X and more but nothing “clicked” with me enough to keep them up for the long haul until now. Finally, Orange Theory Fitness opened in Oregon City and as I was running on the tread mill during my first five minutes of my first workout, I had tears in my eyes. This. Was. It. This is what I had been waiting for all these years. This spoke to my style. Why?

  • You have to make an appointment in advance.

    Being a planner means I will fit it into my week. You get charged if you don’t show up and I love this – because it MAKES you show up…holds you accountable to your own earlier intentions.

  • It’s affordable.

    Having a trainer at every work out is invaluable but can get expensive. Because this is a group scenario led by a trainer, you get the advantage of a predetermined plan for your workout along with instruction of how to do it without handing over the equivalent of a mortgage each month.

  • It’s different each time.

    I am am kind of a freak show- I am NOT a fan of routine and this class is never the same. BINGO!

  • Esthetics matter and so does the vibe.

    No more worrying about your playlist in the middle of your workout, they play music that pumps you up and it’s at a level that brings out your inner beast. The lighting is not bright so you are focused on your workout and not ogling at the people around you. You are there to sweat. It’s You vs. You. The dimmer lighting keeps the focus where it should be. The bathrooms are clean and they offer hairbands and other amenities that you may have forgotten or broke. (Pictured above left) THIS is a big deal. I admire a company that pays attentions to the details. There is nothing half-assed here.

  • Your skill level doesn’t matter.

    I appreciate an environment that’s all inclusive and this is it. If you’ve never worked out a day in your life or if you are a professional athlete, you can take the same class and it will challenge you. How can this be? Because you wear a mandatory heart rate monitor and your only job is to keep YOUR heart rate (shown on the screen in class) within a certain color zone. So if you have never worked out before, the effort required to get your heart rate in the “orange zone” will be less than if you play professional soccer for the Timbers. My motto for myself is “Show up. Shut up. Do the work.” My most favorite thing is seeing this certain gentleman, probably in his 60’s, on the treads giving it his all – he shows up often and I admire that. He walks- he doesn’t run and he challenges himself in every class. Seems like he is making a difference in his life.

  • Your ass gets kicked

    …in a good way. This is a mental game. Consequently, showing up, doing the work and challenging yourself, you will leave drenched in sweat and feeling like a million bucks. I promise. I was blow drying my hair the other morning and noticed: MUSCLES in my arms. WHAAAAT?! “Hey I haven’t seen you in a long time! Welcome back!”

  • The time goes by really fast

    making it realistic to incorporate it into your life for the long haul – getting in, kicking some ass, getting out and getting on with your day. In the one hour time slot, you will experience cardio, rowing with a real water rower and weight resistance training. Each item is broken down into just a few minutes – and you can do ANYTHING for one minute, right?


    Most of all, everyone is at Orange Theory Fitness with the intention of getting healthy and are focused on self care. There is no time for looking around or being critical. High-fiving the coach is required to enter and to leave. Praise is given liberally within the class too, not just from the trainers but support from one person to another…stranger to stranger. It’s a really great feeling. People come together with the one commonality of getting or being healthy so it doesn’t matter who you are – you are supported and your effort is applauded. The team at the front desk REMEMBERS YOUR NAME … a detail that I appreciate.

High five them for: the water station that discourages store bought water bottles that need to be recycled or get tossed mindlessly into a landfill. Bring your own reusable bottle from home and fill it at their station. At the time this was published, they had already saved over 1500 plastic bottles from the Oregon City processing center. YAAASSSSSS! 

Your Mind, Body and Soul are connected.  When you pay attention to one, the others benefit.  Honor your mind by learning how or practicing a positive mindset. Listen to audio books that nurture your interests.  Honor your body by working it out and feeding it real food that is not processed.  Honor your Soul by paying attention to and surrounding yourself with what inspires you.

"It's You vs. You" mentioned earlier in this post is from Nicole Darabi; a food prep genius, blogger and health fanatic. I recommend checking out her website, recipes and social media channels.