NW Ferments- Sauerkraut Workshop

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Learn how to make sauerkraut & fermented vegetables in our hands-on class at NW Ferments! Take home a jar of your own special creation. $30 class fee Register at https://nwferments.com/product/sauerkraut-workshop

Distilling 101 Workshop

Oregon City Guide

Want to learn the principles of distillation? Join us for a gin run with our distiller. Learn the characteristics of barrel aging a spirit and partake in a sensory tasting. We’ll be covering these topics along with lessons we have learned and other aspects of owning a distillery. Join us for our Distilling 101 Workshop Saturday, December 9th from 9:00am-3:00pm. …

NW Ferments

~ Share this Post ~ Admittedly I don’t personally know enough about fermentation, especially since I love eating/drinking EVERYTHING sour. And after talking with my friends, I discovered that most of us have lost the food preservation skills of years gone by since modern grocery stores and home freezers have pushed the age-old techniques of canning and fermenting into the …