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Does it cost anything to be on Oregon City Guide? No. All the links and photos of places and businesses in our community are there and have been featured over the years because I have wanted to lift up my neighbors and this town!

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I want to: Buy a home

Do you have all the space you need for your passions and priorities? If you really want some back yard space for entertaining, let’s find the right house for you. The average days a home spent on the market here in Oregon City was just 14 days and it’s even shorter during prime Spring rush so we’ll need to get you prequalified and ready to move fast when we find just the right home for you!

A few statistics about Oregon City updated at years end 2021: Population is 36,492, Median age is 38, Median household income is $76,149. The estimated time to get downtown in a car is 26-34 minutes but with the number of businesses relocating and expanding to Oregon City, we surely hope you will live and work here enabling you more free time and perhaps even the ability to commute by bike!

What we are most excited about is our latest great park, Newell Creek Canyon, ideal for strolling through the forest.

When you buy a home with a Realtor who is also a Home Functionality Coach, you get the added value of an expert to think through how the space can be used to it’s best and highest potential specific to the needs, passions and values of YOUR family. If you are thinking of buying, use a real estate agent that has dual expertise; Kristina Browning.

Kristina is a Realtor who lives, works and plays in Oregon City. She is a fan of its entrepreneurial spirit and created OregonCityGuide for those residents and people considering Oregon City to purchase a home. This helps those who are considering moving to SE Portland, Oregon City or West Linn. If you are searching for real estate agents near me or if you are Googling realtor in Oregon City, you’ve found the right gal.