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Does it cost anything to be on Oregon City Guide? No. All the links and photos of places and businesses in our community are there and have been featured over the years because I have wanted to lift up my neighbors and this town!

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MEET KRISTINA BROWNING; When I relocated here from Portland and built a home, I couldn’t find as much online as I had hoped to.  After living here for a good while, I still am amazed at how much is NOT online so my focus is two-fold; helping visitors understand what life in Oregon City is like and helping citizens easily access what’s new in OC as well as celebrate all the positivity that OC residents are involved with.

If you have questions about Oregon City real estate, the neighborhoods, the schools, the amenities, or the city in general – I am a realtor in Oregon City who can talk about a whole lot more than just houses! I love sharing all that this great small town has to offer. If I don’t have an answer, I can certainly find one for you or put you in contact with someone who can. I am the Vice-Chair of the Caufield Neighborhood Association and help out on various other groups moving Oregon City forward. I am passionate about Oregon City, my neighborhood, my community of friends, and this fantastic place that I call home. Short Bio below form.

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“When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves.” ~ Jen Sincero, author, You Are a Badass


Kristina Browning is Realtor in Oregon City, homeowner and Home Stylist.  She stages the homes she lists, consults on space usage & paint colors and was born to have a camera in her hand.  She has freelanced as a photographer for The Oregonian, The Columbian, USA Today + magazines… too many to list.  She is a wife and mom to a sweet boy named Blue.  This website is a way for her to continue to meet wonderfully interesting people who are sharing their passions with the world, to lift them up, applaud them and support our Oregon City neighbors with a giant GO TEAM!  When you need a realtor to assist you or your neighbor in the purchase or sale of a home, call, text or email me: 503-505-3798 or Kristina at SpaceAndReason.com