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Does it cost anything to be on Oregon City Guide? No. All the links and photos of places and businesses in our community are there and have been featured over the years because I have wanted to lift up my neighbors and this town!

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Caufield Neighborhood Association


Caufield Neighborhood Association

If you live in Oregon City and you aren’t sure what Neighborhood Association you belong in, click HERE and type in your address to the city website. It will tell you! Oregon City Neighborhood Associations

I am the Vice-Chair of the Caufield Neighborhood Association so I can help get your email address on the list for notifications of upcoming meetings! You can message me on social media (Facebook or Instagram) @OregonCityGuide or through the CONTACT form on this website. I have found out so much about Oregon City by simply attending.

Participation is down significantly across the board for Oregon City neighborhood association meetings so I wanted to let you know that your voice is important.  95% of the people that show up at OURS (Caufield Association) are retired (hey, they have the time!) but it also skews the opinions.  When community leaders or developers are required to present to the neighborhood association and extract feedback, often times the feedback is coming only from one demographic because they are the only ones that show up at the meeting.  This is why it is important that we have a diverse mix of attendees that bring all kinds of knowledge and experience to the table.  We would love to hear from parents with older children, parents with younger children, single people in their 20’s 30, 40’s and 50’s, people who live here and commute elsewhere, people who live here and work here, etc!  People who commute to work by bike, people who have small farms, people who love doing cartwheels, and people who love tattoos.

Kindly follow our Neighborhood Association page here: https://www.facebook.com/CaufieldNeighborhoodAssociation  and tell your neighbors so it will be easier to hear about things affecting our neighborhood.  

Let your voice be heard and learn more about what is happening right in our immediate area. 

Presentations are regularly made to neighborhood associations by the City, developers, the school district, other units of government, and the business community on plan proposals, ballot measures and other topics of interest.  We discuss other relevant topics and plan activities on neighborhood projects.

The meetings typically happen on the THIRD TUESDAY of every other month at 6:45pm but we usually take summer off to allow for vacations.

For 2022, the meetings are: Jan. 25th  March 22nd ,  May 24th ,  Sept. 27th , Nov. 29th

Our In-person meetings are held at the Oregon City School District’s beautiful new conference room in the Facilities and Maintenance Center, 14551 Meyers Road, Oregon City, OR 97045. We hold current meetings via Zoom for allowing more people with busy schedules to attend and to ensure everyone’s safety during Covid surges. the link for that is here

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